thoughts, watercolor and tempera

What’s New!

A new year and a new day to draw, paint and make my dreams come true. I planned to relax and read. Turns out I just had to paint.




I love the color, and the hearts! I painted this a while ago but couldn’t throw it away. It was one of those pieces where you are excited and painting.  Then all of a sudden you look at it and feel like you made such a mess. Yet, I knew I loved it, even though I wanted to start over!  l LOVE how the hearts flow into one another. Yes I’ve painted this again  with one color mixing into another as they flow.  Look at the Let’s Play. My FIRST try with letters and looking good!  I saw this amazing class  with awesome ideas for masking fluid.


Yes I’ve used this stuff before but this time I used it to make awesome letters and layering with color. Looking good! ‘m going to keep working and so excited for the new thinks I’ll think up!. I plan to release a poem I’ve had and will release it Feb 14. on etsy. I am working on another class for skillshare and so much more!  About the poem …it’s an awesome poem about loving yourself. It’ s called live your love story!  It will be hand lettered in watercolor and brush lettering with  oh…I have so much to do.

-there are no impossibilities