Happy Halloween!

Have you ever noticed the awesome texture that pumpkins have? Painting pumpkins  is a great way to practice blending and watercolor washes.



Try painting some pumpkins and play with different techniques.

For the first one I dipped my brush in water and then with a little tap, the water sprinkled over the paint and created the pattern you see. I used different colors of orange to create the other two pumpkins. I also blotted the green paint in short impressionistic strokes.

What’s this idea about? All the pumpkins are different shapes, have different stems. They look different but they are all pumpkins…WE ARE ONE.


What a cool tree! I love painting trees. I have been painting trees for a while and I think its become an obsession. It would be awesome to put together a tree showcase. I will soon!



If I could only master this sparkly sprinkles texture with paint. Working on it! YES had to have myself a cookie at Disneyland!


Happy Halloween! Oh by the way you know the straw technique I used to paint a sun? I will be using the same straw idea to paint a cute scarecrow. I’ll share that next time.

-there are no impossibilities

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They are all under 10 minutes






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