Let’s Go Back to The Good Days…

in school.


supplies: For this 10 daily doodle challenge I will be working with a pencil and paper. I may add in some paint and who knows.

Words: I will pull out two words from separate lists:  I need practice in drawing simple objects-list one.  The theme for this challenge is school-list two.  So let’s go.

Today’s words are whiteboard and tea set

Thoughts: (Oh darn a piece of lead in between the s and t- oh well its a sketch.)

In school we always have to look at the whiteboard and pay attention. Teachers are ALWAYS telling us to pay attention. What if the lesson is boring?

I can’t tell you how many boring so called motivational posters I have seen. I would sure love to see this one in my class. Or excuse me would have. I think about all the times that I was bored in class with textbook work . BUT,  I had plenty of times that transported me to a new world where my curiosity and imagination filled with spunk. I believe that is where you learn the most. This is how the magic of truly understanding the subject happens. It’s the kind of learning that drives you bonkers and changes your life forever. Right?

So yes look and listen but GO and do with such purpose that you lose yourself.  In losing yourself can you really find yourself. Does this make sense? What a fun conversation! So go for an adventure in a book, if math is hard then keep trying and find a way for it to make sense. Ask questions.  Be proactive! Remember that there are no impossibilities.


I think I found my signature

-There are no impossibilities



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Mireya is a mixed media artist who paints words and books about curiosity land ove. She uses vibrant color and a love of nature to inspire herself and others.