watercolor and tempera

Art Lesson


Supplies: watercolor paint, size 10 brush and paper

Thoughts: I love hearts and was just working on my book. The theme is we all have a purpose. We all are suppose to help each other with purpose. Notice how I started with one color and then mixed another color to create a new color. Here and there I  made shades, tones and tints. I ended with the same color I started with.

Okay so literally, is there anyone else who feels the way I do?  You try and try but you aren’t very good. You compare your work to other fabulous artists.  You dream of the art that truly tells your story and makes you happy.  Then you practice and your art looks nothing like  what you dreamed. Maybe today just isn’t a good day.  Then you think of the artists who has 16,000 likes in a matter of 3 months. What? Oh stop stop STOP

I am going to change my attitude and just enjoy art. I read this article,” 10 tips to achieve anything you want in life.”   The first two are as follows. Focus on commitment not motivation and seek knowledge not results.  Oh yeah the third one is make the journey fun.

I painted the hearts just hours before I read the article. I am glad I painted the hearts. I was practicing making gradients, mixing color, and pulse. I had this idea to paint these hearts and love them. They are not perfect- a few run off the page but that’s okay because I am not perfect or am I just the way I am.

About characters  -maybe I am can learn to just be me which is the whole hearts idea.

See ya friends