watercolor and tempera

Gosh Darn It!


Supplies: Windsor paint and crayola Size 1 cottman brush


Oh boy this brush is my best friend in the whole world right now!! You see all along I have been practicing details with a size 0 and the results were a big sad face.  I mean okay they were not that bad, but then I bought this brush!  I painted some textures for a texture class and doodled letters.  I have even practiced color mixing and it’s amazing!! The point is I was using the wrong brush! I can’t say it enough you have to practice and try and try again. Step out of your comfort zone and just play….COME ON KID PLAY. If your an artist come on try a new tool. If you simply read for fun then what are you waiting for get out there and try something new. You sing but are shy to do it in public. Do it!

I did make a mess last week with eyeshadow.  Yes you read right. I love love the texture.



Last week I shared my influence map and this week I am just having fun drawing and playing really! More about that later. I am also heading to the Sawdust Festival on Friday. I have lots of fun ideas that I have painted and will be painting.  I will be sharing with you.  Paint along with me.

See you.