watercolor and tempera

I’m going to live my love story

Class Activity to figure out who and what I am-how to tell my story


I am an artist. Make no mistake about that.  Maybe I am a superhero and my powers are I can express my thoughts with my art.

These were everything to me and still are. I have lots of ideas and now that I think of it they make sense. My ideas relate to all of these ideas that these characters represent. I feel awesome about all of my ideas. My work well needs work and so I am learning color, art history, writing and everything I can. Do you ever feel like you have this idea you believe in and can think of all these reasons why its right but get frustrated because your skills aren’t their yet?  Yeah I am moving on

In the coming weeks I will be sharing my projects:

  • inspiration by Amelia Bedelia
  • puzzle style like giving clues to create the message
  • fun animal drawings
  • what’s the idea again…I forgot but I will remember
  • Oh Starting August- not sure when but I will be doing Daily Doodles inspired by all the reasons why school is so awesome. Going back to school can be hard but I intend to make it fun.

I am so excited!

-See you soon!