watercolor and tempera

Hardest Part of Being an Artist

Latest Sketch 0706161430[1]

I have gone through so many revisions.

Wow my letters look much better.

I love and get excited with an idea. Then I look to my right or to my left and see something amazing! Then I look down at my idea and maybe the lines are drawn thicker. Maybe the color is all wrong. Maybe I should have drawn it the way (fill in the back) does. Oh well.  I ‘m just going to crumble up  my paper and start over.

I have seen others do this. I try to convince them not to because… if only they could see what I see. WAIT A MINUTE! Maybe I need to take a second look at my art.  That’s just it.

I know that the moment I invite doubt to the party I lose. How can I create my best ideas when I am crumbling them up and throwing them away.

The Hardest thing about being an artist is knowing that you are at your place in time. However messy my place is, it is my place. I must be proud of my place.  I must make sure I have those cute little patio lights to shine in the darkest of nights. Oh what a beauty of a scene it will be.  DON’T JUDGE YOUR WORK BY SOMEONE ELSE’S. 

When all is said and done you have to look at your art as though it is already great and amazing even it if it doesn’t look like it. Love what it means. Love that it will take you amazing places.

This is an idea that I keep going back to.  I will how your the finished painted version next week.  I am going to take a mini-vacation and will be back next week.

See you!