watercolor and tempera

Simplicity (Daily Prompt)


The word means easy and so how can I make my art and life easy.  I  just draw with the heart of an adventurous kid.. An adventurous kid isn’t scared or lonely. They just wan to to get out there and find the treasure or fly to the moon in a cardboard box. The best art and the best life happens when we simply let things be. This doesn’t mean just say who cares to everything.. It doesn’t mean you stop working hard. All it means is you simply love and in doing that it will be okay to give your bet and really feel you gave your best.  If you are going to succeed in life you have to believe this way…you have to just simple be in whatever you choose to do-no pressure.

If I just draw from that kid like place and KEEP DRAWING…I will simply develop the be the artist I am  because I am aren’t I.

Some of my ideas that SIMPLY happened….this post simply happened and thank you!