watercolor and tempera

Welcome to Spring Challenge…

The word is spring.

Oh I just noticed that the swirl in the  s looks like a heart! What a surprise when this happens. I love the springs and the scallop border around the s and the little bird on top of the H. In this doodle are all of the things I love!


Yes there are a few things I would change but using crayola markers isn’t one of them.


Okay so here we go. I plan to do this challenge for 20 days. I have some amazing Earth Day projects that I want to explore. This is my journal sometimes sketches may be messy or silly…whatever. I am open to new ideas and anything goes. I may finally go outside with chalk and start writing. I am ready to have fun and just play. I love spring and this journal is dedicated to all the wonderful spring moments and ideas I have. I will be redoing some old designs I am working on.