What do you See?


One of my best past times is to do absolutely nothing. One of my best past times is to lay in the grass and gaze up at the sky. Sometimes I do this as I am in the car. I look up and see some interesting shapes. Maybe I see a butterfly or a rabbit.   I haven’t done this lately though. Interestingly I did this so much as a kid. My mission is to get back to the kid and do what I love doing: art.

I painted this for the Embrace your Art Challenge and had to share it! This is the kind of art I want to share with you. I want my art to capture the essence of being a kid. This is my mission. 0215161748b[1]

more of this fun art coming soon! I am working on selling some of my art on etsy. I am working on redoing some old designs. I have chosen five maybe six to work with and will be sharing these in the next few weeks. I am also getting ready for the 30 day challenge to kick off spring. I also had this idea jut now-seriously. I will be doing a challenge for all of the graduates. My theme will be thinking about all of the things we overcome like learning how to ride a bike…more to come.

I am also working on a new catchy phrase to end all posts.

See you soon!




Published by Mireya

Mireya is a mixed media artist who paints words and books about curiosity land ove. She uses vibrant color and a love of nature to inspire herself and others.