watercolor and tempera

Oh What do you Love? 15- day Journal Challenge

In honor of Valentine’s Day  I am going to focus this whole month on what I love? I have come to realize – through the help of awesome videos : The Long Game! 

You see it’s easy when your painting looks like this to give up and forget about your dream.


I actually wanted to paint a quote and it just didn’t work out. A couple days later and a new brilliant idea and suddenly my mistakes are looking good. I created a wash an then drew these big letters using the colors that relate to what I believe love is.

That’s what this journal challenge is all about so here we go.

Some supply ideas. Please use what you have. You can use crayons and markers too. Just stick with a pencil and notepad too.


First entry is to draw the word love and just draw it as you think about what love means.

See you tomorrow.