watercolor and tempera

Oh the life of an artist is

quote an adventure. You get to relive those carefree childhood days, express the hardships and have a sense of therapy.    There’s that awesome feeling of drawing with all your heart and thinking about who will look at it and smile. Dismissing the rules so much that – who even knows what they are! Oh and the greatest thing of all is that you learn not to give up and draw a whole lot. Oh I  do want to be an artist a whole lot. I already am I just happen to be the only one , except for a few others, that knows it- LOL I believe that anything and everything that makes us smile, laugh, cry, and just FEEL is art. Get out there and make your art! What is your art? Tell the world and tell them proud!


Here is a break through of what I learned from each and every artist! You may be thinking why would a letterer study artists like Van Gough and Raphael? Art is an emotion and  to display emotion in a picture you have to know different techniques, color, design elements, learn how to and not to do things, and just surround yourself with others who want so much to be artists. The best art know no rules and the more you know the more confident you will be to break them.

Here we go.

Allen Say – Draw what you see around you and do it so much.

Mary Kate – Add your own voice and do what interests you. The more creative you can get the better.

Raphael –  Artists seem to be quite affectionate about people and the world around them. Learn from others and make it your own which is way better.

Ana Victoria – Color is amazing and everyone can paint. Give yourself time and anything goes.

Ian Barnard- Create art that moves people and you have an opportunity to communicate with someone and be kind! What am I going to say and how will I do it?

Van Gogh –  Never give up and determination is everything. Life is not about making money -its about finding your passion and helping others find theirs. That’s what all these guys and gals did!

Eric Carle – Just draw what you love and when an idea comes along just be a kid. Oh yes I do believe in fairies!


My projects inspired by these amazing artists.

0115161950a[1]This is a character for a book I am writing. 0126161633[1]

For this coming journal challenge I will think about all of these artists and reflect on what I learned -oh the way Van Gogh uses color is amazing!


In our next next play date I will be starting the Valentine’s  Day 15- Challenge! Sharpen your pencils and get your paper ready? I am going to choose one other supply to work with.