watercolor and tempera

Artist – That’s Me (Part 2)

5. Get out of your comfort zone.

I am teaching a few classes on skillshare.  Am I savvy with video and recording? Oh heck no. Do I have the background and amazing knowledge that other artists have-well not exactly.  So what do I do ?

I created two classes with my love of art and so happy to have done so.

You will get 1 month free  of skillshare if you take my class and have access to tons of other awesome classes.  Follow the link here: here

Where do I draw my inspiration from?

I love nature, animals, hearts, color, and my newest love  space. Who would have thought?


Yes I know soar should be spelled soar instead of sore. It’s okay this  as its not going to a client and a huge part of succeeding is learning to double check your work – seriously! I plan on water coloring everything so I need to really practice all this before I paint.