watercolor and tempera

Artist – That’s Me.


I painted this with the heart of an adventurous kid. I have been going though my year and thinking about my time and how I spent it. What does my year have to say about me and the story I want to tell the world?   So here’ a recap of my year and the lessons I learned on my path to live my purpose and how I want to share it with the world.

  1.  The biggest and best reason is to draw from my heart. I know it sounds, dare I say it, corny but its true.  I just draw and feel that comfort that knows no worries or cares. The best part is that these pieces are the ones that people connect with. I mean I and barely beginning but its amazing to see how people like the art that I am loving too-the art that just comes without planning.
  2.  Trust Yourself and even if you make a mistake rework it and evolve and try t0 fix it or learn from it. 1008151421I didn’t intend for the huge heart to be near the word “To” but here it is. I much rather try and see if it works than give up throw it away and feel discouraged.That’s a huge lesson that I have learned.  I had an idea in my head and then I am not sure what happened but I ended up doing this.
  3.  For years I have had messy writing and I have been practicing and all of a sudden these lettering styles have emerged. 1020151427[1]This is a sketch but its a good reflection on the lettering styles I have been working on.
  4. I feel like I am tired of this self help that tells you you are broken but here’s how to fix you. Here’s how to get the happiness or success you want and fill in the blank. I believe that we all have a purpose and that we are all meant for greatness. You’re not broken because everything you need is already there and its been there-within you!
  5.  Stay tuned for this one.