watercolor and tempera

Farewell 2015 Hello 2016!

So it has been an interested year to say the least. So goodbye all the lessons that I have learned and hello New Year! Please stop thinking you are broken and get out there and just do it. Everything you need to be happy you already have that within. Its been given to you the day you were thought of in existence.

These blocks are reflective of the changes I am making this year. My theme is to let the kid play!

  1.  I will redo the blog ambiance.
  2.  This is the year of creative exploration including painting on tissue paper, chalk lettering on the sidewalk, more seasonal journal projects and be
  3. coming a better writer. I also want to get creative with my style in terms of appearance.
  4. My post days will be on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday!

My categories will be Drawing Time(working on projects) , Mason Jar Talk( lesson learned regarding hand lettering) and That’s Cool Art( looking at cool art.

This week starting Sunday we will start with a whole month dedicated to artists and learning their techniques. I love asking the question,”Where do you draw your inspiration from? So we will start will me and then other artists.

Let’s Play