watercolor and tempera

Final piece of the year

This is the one I created yesterday. I do love it an realize I need to add the apples now. I am wrapping up for the holidays and I may have one last one to say Merry Christmas.

Let’s go for a walk…oh yeah!

Love the playfulness here with the letters, the door and the swing. This adds a vibe of what the idea of Johny Appleseed is. Where would we be with these trees and apples? I wanted to capture the time when we love to play outside. I wanted to add a dandelion and a few flowers Then halfway through painting I realized that I could create a shadow-like leave some top right corners of the leaves blank to reflect the sun… wow I recall such detail and that’s great and reflective of my skills.



These are some of the first I drew and I like the letters but the layout is just there in what seems an ideal nothing fun about it layout. My final piece does a better job of conveying the vibe I want. The one the lower right corner seems like a stern face almost. I did not intend for this which is again a great lesson on design and layout.


This is the one I created before I did the final. I do love the leaves and the apples but love the quote on the final better. Deciding what I love and what works best is also another great tool.




For these last two-I can paint better! I use and have learned to use different tools and how to utilize those tools to drive home the points I am trying to make in my art. I do love working with watercolor pencils and they helped in creating this tree like texture in a sense. I better remember this.


Wow is was great to have done a walk through. I have learned to work hard and in the beginning I traced others work to get the feel of the letters and over analyzed the tools. These days I just  go with what I loved working with as a kid. I have produced what I believe is my best work!

I will be doing more of these and so stay tuned. I am also working on artists and a whole series on staying motivated. In February I will be doing a what I love series on this very art. Yeah let’ I will be selecting some of my works and redoing them.