watercolor and tempera


For the next 15 days I will be taking the prompt from the list

I was going to post all of the  prompts but where’s the suspense and fun in doing that?

Day 1 Rudolph

2 Cookies

3 Santa

4 Cold

5 Warmth

Then I will combine the prompt with one of the areas that I need and want to work on for my artistry.

redo a picture magazine

book cover


paint it

create a wash art surface then use it to create. I will explain

create words or an entire alphabet given the prompt

create a card

Just have fun and whatever

So here we go.

Day 1 Rudoph

I used colored pencils and applied the create words given the prompt.


Except for the guide word I am happy with the end result. I am excited to see what else I come up with. Feel free to change things up and do pictures only.