watercolor and tempera

Thankful and Blessed!

Just wanted to say thank you for all the support! Every like and addition to the little lemonade family means the world to me. It means that somehow my words have motivated you to imagine and play.


These are some of the ideas I cam up with last year. I had this crazy idea to share my words with you (the world) with this thing called typography. Turns out I don’t care too much for it but I do love love hand lettering and watercolor. Oh I am really thinking I should redo the I am thankful. I have glitter that needs using.

Starting December 2nd I will be doing a 15 day XMAS Love  themed journal challenge. I will post more about this on Nov.30. I am taking a mini sabbatical.  I will be painting but no other projects. I am nervous about that. I draw every day and set projects for myself. I am not sure I can do it. Wow I really do love hand lettering! I will just be reading and relaxing and nope not even going to pencil anything on my agenda.

Anyway I plan on making a few changes with some new routine posts.

Here is a preview:

  1. I spy Lettering -monthly posts of the amazing lettering I spy as I find it where I go. ( every 1st of the month and maybe another day.
  2. Lessons learned (every Sunday)
  3. themed challenges catered to holidays season activities.

My goal is imagine and play.

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat and be merry! I sure hope my cooking tastes good. It usually does its that this year I had added some new recipes!