watercolor and tempera

Fall Lettering #27

As I complete this challenge I want to share a few more projects but reflect on a wonderful 30 days.

The first most important lesson of all is to play! Yes that is it! I remember drawing as a kid and I didn’t care what I drew or how it came out. I just drew and was proud of it. When I started or when I do cards I always get nervous because my expectations are high. You know what I that’s not when I create my bet work. My best work happens when I am just drawing…makes sense.

When I created this hand lettered piece it was all about me and having fun expressing my idea…
but when I painted it oh my I used the wrong brush and it just came out terrible. I put pressure on myself and was looking for approval and perhaps validation as an artist. I am sharing this because who cares I have learned a valuable lesson about why I draw. Its not about validation or making money. Yes I do want to make a living at this but its not my drive.
more lessons to follow