watercolor and tempera

Fall Lettering #17

Okay so I am drawn to all the beautiful hand lettering I see. I am about to head to the mall so well see what I find. It is a great idea to take some pictures of what you love an then practice in two ways. How could you redraw this or take a simple word like your name and how can you apply some of these techniques. Don’t copy just know that when you take in beautiful ideas that inspire you will be able to get inspired of all the great possibilities out there. Here we go

Love the thorn effect here and the fact that there is no baseline-straight line. All of the number go up and down. Learn the rules and forget them.
Love how the L extends into like this vine!! Learn about how you can do this with certain letters. The M is an upside down w…compare the two and notice the relationship of them. This is my favorite!
Love the terminals-is that what they are called?

Simple lettering and glitter-oh yeah! Oh and notice the pattern of colors?
Love the colors-monochromatic shades. The stamped effect. I have been meaning to make some stamps. I did create my version of this well I will pot it next.
Love the color and almost like a leaf color?
Love the block letters! Seriously I do! Love the finishing touches on the spooky. The eeeek really expresses this.

love this tier and love the swirls or terminals. Doesn’t it with the color radiate a smile. Didn’t you smile? I am

This is my favorite!
Okay yeah I am digging the cookies…but love the pumpkin spice color orange…inspiration can come from anywhere.
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