watercolor and tempera

Fall Hand Lettering #16

There are so many lessons that have really helped me. I want to reflect on them here.

You have to devote many hours to perfect your craft and by perfect I mean really tell your story and have something that represents who you are.

Here are some tools that I love working with! I used to love to paint. I am going to try my hand at finger painting. and chalking like I used to do.


The most important habit that you can have is to be imaginative and playful. Go back to what you loved as a kid? What makes you feel like when you’d be outside playing without a care in the world?

I loved this book and children do too!


Inspiration is all around us. I rely on my experiences as a guest teacher and to always go back and remind myself of that little girl who loved to draw and write. I loved making cards for people. Be imaginative and playful. I started building a book of magazine and catalog clippings. I look at color schemes and lettering and how it relates to the message.  I love love love the teal paired with the peachy browns! I will probably do a separate post on this one to brake it down.


I recently noticed that my O is looking pretty good and my S is looking pretty good too.

This is my latest practice


The c and the g are looking pretty good. It has come with tons of practice. I will continue to do so. Oh and using graphing paper work great. I got this notebook for $2 at Staples!

I love my ideas but feel its best right now to continue my lettering anatomy practice. For the first time in my life doing this really gives me courage and I’m slowly sharing my work with others and that’s something I didn’t do before.

Most importantly I am not about how much money I need to make.  I just love my art and I want to get exceptional at it. My art reminds me of that imaginative play I had as a kid. If it reminds me then maybe I can remind you too! Subscribers and likes you mean the world to me! I hope its brought a positive moment to your life!

Okay we are about half way through and I have lots more to cover.

Up next will be some awesome lettering at Target.