watercolor and tempera

Fall Hand Lettering #11

Okay so I drew this a few days ago. I am doing my daily journal ahead of time to prepare in case something happens to my computer. I drew this idea and painted it a few days ago. I actually came across a picture in a magazine. It was a shelf  full of pumpkins of various colors and with various masks. I immediately thought I love this they are all different yet beautiful. Then I thought of my quote that I came up with.


This is a very old design.

I became inspired by the magazine décor that I came up with this version


Look at the world around you and let it speak to you. Just draw and share it with the world. Interestingly enough I am listening to a podcast as I write this and am reminded that this is my “personal legend”. Would these marvelous ideas pop into my head the way they do. Oh and please hit that like button. Every vote is amazing.