watercolor and tempera

Okay so a few more days till the Fall Lettering Challenge Begins….

I am so excited and once again my class is up and running today! Here is the link if you are interested. http://skl.sh/1iFKjMi

I hope you enjoy and I have so much planned for the Fall Lettering Challenge. I’ll be hand lettering pumpkins, making decor and table signs. I am going to be doing some finger painting lettering and so much more. Oh I am pulling out some old designs I did in illustrator like cards and redoing them by hand….stay tuned!

Oh here’s the link to my class:


The class walks you through all of the steps to create your own journal.  You can subscribe to my blog and follow along with this special fall theme. If all goes well I will be doing a holiday theme. I may create a new class for this. Sounds like fun!