watercolor and tempera

Creativity: Another thought on creativity…

So there I was in the Off the Page store at California and I picked that contained some words in it that have changed my life….set the tone for celebrating an upcoming birthday.

One is yes there is a belief in a higher power and God. The fact that he wants us to be our full potential and trust in his love. Sure I love God and I trust him I thought but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. We say these words and yet we live in fear and in doubt of my dreams. If I truly trust God then there is no need to worry or falling in the trap of allowing others to define me by my mistakes and all the quote on quote material objects that society equates with success. There other one is to get back to what you love to do? What could you spend hours and hours doing only to lose track of time and amazingly wrap yourself in the arms of the world. I think that can only happen when you love. Love changes everything. I have always loved art. I drew when I was  bored in class, for birthday cards, to make signs and decorations for my mom. I still love this! I am dedicated to sharing my words and art.

Come on what do you love to do. Create.