watercolor and tempera


So you may have seen some changes. Change is good and I just want to say that I have been doing the honest heart breaking part of critiquing my own work. I have gone through and have been able to make several changes on spacing, design layout, color, and overall improvement with letters. Here is what I mean. 1222141602


I posted this a few days ago but really had to create this post as a pick me up not to give up. I love the tree idea, heart leave and the words…I was going for the engraved look on a tree. I thought this was reminiscent of something we did as children. Not sure I did it though? I am excited for the amazing ideas I came up with the other day. Some really fun ones to create lettering with texture. No worries I will share them here. I had no idea I had such fun lettering around the house and it just made me very happy…I feel like I am on the road to something that I want to pursue the gift I believe I may have been given. It sounds a bit crazy but yeah I think this is it.  I know I have a long way to go and for some reason when I find myself doubting I get this fabulous idea that excites me and keeps me going. What are you working on?

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