watercolor and tempera

A Painted Version


My experience sounds so corny I know but its the truth. I feel so carefree and just a warm feeling in my heart that this is what I need to be learning and doing. I love hand lettering and water coloring. I design for the child in all of us. The child who has a dream and believes all things are possible. The child who is kind and doesn’t worry about anything. Sadly its that feeling that we as adults grow out of or altogether forget. I was trying to convey this with my art. Looking at it I can see that my letter forms have improved.I will show you what I mean in another example of hand lettering next week.  Here’s to my art and feeling like a kid again. Freeing myself of the worries and if its good or will it sell or does it make sense. I seem to be creating work that really makes me smile and I hope it will for you too. That’s what its all about.

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