watercolor and tempera

Love this Quote and So True

I first want to say oh yeah thank you to all of my subscribers. You mean so much to me. I wanted to give you all a heads up of the changes I will be making to my blog. You will see a new layout, new creative ideas, about page and so on. Oh I will be posting sporadically in an effort to choose when the mot popular day to post is. I am still thinking about a place where we can showcase projects. For now please know that this is my place where I show you my art and it may not be perfect yet but it is my humble beginning and I am super glad you are here with me. Thank you for this and god bless you all!

This recent class project seems about right to end this post. Please as always hit the like button because every like is a vote of confidence.   What ever you wish please practice and practice even more when part of you says I can’t anymore. practice