watercolor and tempera

First Practice At Flourishes…

I painted this in a great mood. I was carefree and loving all the beauty that exists in nature.   It is the simple things like nature that always keep me grounded. I love Easter. Easter is a time of renewal, new beginnings.

Speaking of new beginnings, I was having fun mixing colors. I love using my watercolor pencils. Yes these are pencils. I draw the design first with a light pencil and sketch out shapes until I have my desired drawing. Then I dab a small round paintbrush in water. Next I dab the brush on paper or my hand just to feel the amount of water and leave just enough to get beautiful color. Then I paint away and here you are.

As always every like is a vote of confidence. Thank you! What are you working on? Oh an idea just came to me. I was thinking about how wonderful it would be to post some of my favorite art, crafts, and designs here on my blog. I’ll add those to my pinterest board. I may be contacting some of you for permission to include you on my site. Yes, I must give this idea some thought!


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