watercolor and tempera

Life is a crazy ride…

an update to my work….well yesterday I felt down about my work. I submitted it to a contest, as part of a class project, and didn’t win. Then I did something one should never do…compare my work to the winner. Okay so I could have done this to learn and get better at my art but I looked at it in a negative way. I realized that I am a beginner and the winner probably had more experience than me. I realized that I didn’t fulfill all of the requirements to the best of my ability and this is my fault. I own it and say my dreams haven’t died because I didn’t win a contest.

So what matters to me the most? I want to write to children and inspire them…even children of all ages. I am working on finishing two projects and will post them here when I finish.  Isn’t success all about going over the biggest rock ever and not even realizing you did because you keep on going.


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