watercolor and tempera

Lemonade Stand Talk

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From now on, the lemonade stand talk is going to be the little nickname I will give to the posts that are dedicated to my whimsical thoughts.

I love getting feedback from people so thanks for all of the likes and subscribers. I am keeping this short and sweet so I can spend some time on your blogs. I was cleaning out my craft box and found these hand made picture/notebooks. I made these and am not sure what to do with them. Anyway I found these stickers and started thinking about Valentine’s Day.  What else will I try! I have so much to do! I had this thought of going to a craft store and buying different kinds of paint markers and pens and just testing them out with my hand lettering.  To succeed you have to keep on practicing and practicing right.  Success is what you do and that involves working hard for the greater good.

Oh I am also working on creating a style and uniqueness for my writing tone on this blog.

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