watercolor and tempera

Just a Thought…

No matter where you are, you and I are connected by a passion. The passion may be acting, praying, teaching, loving, singing, drawing, cooking or fill in the black if I have left something out. We are all given this talent….an amazing passion that when done at your best can change the world. Some of us may have 24 years or 90 years to do it and the point is to really live. You can only do this by finding that one passion and doing it the absolute best you can.   I just may have found the best resolution for forever. Isn’t this why people succeed even on You Tube.   It is all about a connection and a profound passion that you share with and for the world. It is not about you because it never is. The only part that is you is that you have this amazing passion and you have to say to yourself I am capable of this and give nothing but the best baby…..

What are your thoughts?

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