watercolor and tempera

Drawing challenge

So one of the blogs I love to read had a wonderful idea, a 15 day challenge where you draw one object or scene a day. Thank you Whit and Whistle for inspiring me. I made a list of things I want to draw and here is my picture of the forth drawing.


I wasn’t going to post the drawing doubtingly, the ice cream and cone are proportioned wrong and my lines are crooked and …..well I decided to post the drawing. Why not, I like it and enjoyed doing it. I draw and have been drawing for a long time now…since I was a kid I guess.  I love it and it makes me happy. When it comes to my business and succeeding for some reason there used to be this fear that what if and doubting. I decided to heck with all that and just do it already and have fun. I say used to be because I feel less fearful than I ever have in a long time. I guess I recently learned that fear is always there but you have to build the positive so much more stronger and focus on this.

I do love to draw and plan to use this as am image for a poem about summer. Summer love, summer nights looking at the starts above. summer days when a glass of lemonade cools you down and so on. There is something like having a ice cream cone. I always remember going to Foster’s ice cream and getting a hot fudge sundae-such good times! Recently I posted a question about memories with baking or cooking on the etsy forums. So many people shared wonderful moments od baking with grandma and cooking for their spouse when they were merely dating and so on.  I am working on new art inspired by the stories. One of the stories is you guessed it ice cream. Ice cream is not my favorite treat but it is nice to have it in the summer.

What moment would you like to sharing about baking or cooking?

-have a sweet day



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